Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Travel Partner & Tours, is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information that you provide to us via various modes of communication, including the use of Travel Partner website. This document describes our treatment of the personal information that you provide us when you visit or use the contact information in the website (phone, email, post, etc.) to contact us. We make contents or services from other websites including our co-branded websites to you from links located on

The other websites (external links) used in our websites are not subject to this privacy policy. For any external links found in our website, we strongly recommend that you review the policy of each website to determine how they protect your privacy. “User” denotes anyone using our website as a client, inquirer and/or browser. It also denotes anyone using our service through other mediums than the website. “Client” is the receiver of our services. “Information” denotes any information, personal or non-personal, obtained from you through the use of our services, inquiry and/or another medium. Information can also be passed from posts, telephone, and other mediums. “Employees” refer to employees of Travel Partner.

Employees are bound by the privacy and disclosure policy as well. “Agents” refer to our business partners and local agents inside and outside the country. They are bound to our privacy and disclosure policy. “Services” refer to any product/service/information provided to you as a result of your inquiry, purchase of our services, and/or offers.

Register with your embassy

Registration helps you to get various discounts as well as gives you coupons. It also makes your travelling journey easier next time you travel.

Always have local cash

You should carry local cash as it is a common way of payment, you will also be avoiding dynamic currency conversion fee.

Customer Service

Our team has experienced tour professionalist in the travelling industry who will clear all your doubts regarding the tour. Our humble professionalist has travel tons of countries around the world so that all your tour queries will be answered.

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